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Celina Benedict

Isabel Thiel

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Ace Feature "Profil"

We believe that in the future it must be made easy for designers to find suitable AI tools for themselves and to use them to their advantage without wasting valuable time searching for AI tools and using them in the design process. Above all, they should always be in control of which AI tools they want to use and in which phases of the design process they prefer to work without AI tools.

ace's mission

Our goal is to...
...to enable designers to easily work with AI tools within the design process,
...give designers control over the use of AI tools and leave it with them, and
...to support designers with AI tools where they are really helpful.

Target group
The target audience of "ace" are professional designers, independent designers and also medium to large companies with design departments who are interested in AI tools and technologies and want to use them in their work. Based on the previous trends of AI tools, we assume that by 2027 almost all designers will already be using AI tools for their work and will then already have prior knowledge of how to use them.

Our scenario takes place in the year 2027. In the meantime, there are countless AI tools on the market that can be used by the broad masses, and especially by designers. AI tools have constantly evolved since 2023 and can therefore easily be used in the design process for several years. Contrary to all expectations, the creativity of designers is not diminished by the use of AI tools, but enables them to implement higher quality results for clients.

Until 2025, every designer had to find the right AI tools to use during the design process. This meant that valuable time was lost in researching suitable AI tools and trying out and learning new tools. Designers created their own collections of AI tools and privately shared their use of them and helpful hacks.

Then, in early 2025, three strategic designers, who are also alumni of the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, launched their WebApp "ace". More and more agencies and companies use the WebApp since then to make the use of AI tools as easy as possible for designers and to enable them to balance, expand and strengthen their skills through AI tools.

Since 2027, "ace" has been the market leader in AI tool and designer matching and now wants to give students the opportunity to benefit from the features of the WebApp already during their studies. Therefore "ace" will be presented at this year's semester exhibition to get feedback, suggestions and ideas for new features from students and teachers.


Ace WebApp: Dashboard

Feature 1: Dashboard
With the help of the dashboard, the user always has an overview of current projects, AI tool suggestions based on their capability analysis, and the latest news on the topic of AI tools. Furthermore, users of "ace" get an overview of how many new AI tools they have used this week and how long it will take until a new capability analysis is due.

Ace WebApp: Profile

Feature 2: Profile
In the user's profile, detailed information about the capabilities and the overall picture of the capability analysis can be viewed. The AI tool suggestions created by the AI on the basis of the overall picture are also located in the user's profile. In addition, users of "ace" can specify preferences for the use of AI tools in their profile. For example, in which areas they would like to use them and in which not.

Ace WebApp: Team Profile

Feature 3: Team profile
The team profile ensures users an overview of the skills available in the team. In addition to the currently used design process, there is also the option to perform a team project matching. With the help of AI, the right team within an organization can be found for a specific project. AI tools can then provide targeted support where skills are lacking or not pronounced enough.

Ace WebApp: Projects

Feature 4: Projects
The Projects tab lists all ongoing projects, information about the design process used, and the remaining runtime. The project overview gives users insight into how many projects are completed, ongoing, or waiting, and how many of those projects used AI tools.

Ace WebApp: News & Community

Feature 5: News & Community
In the News & Community tab, users of "ace" find a place to learn, share and inspire. In the feed, current articles, tutorials, workshops, etc. are announced. These can be managed and adapted to the user's individual interests. In the "ace Wiki", users of "ace" have the opportunity to exchange information with other users about AI tools, hacks, questions and problems. Based on the capability analysis, users are regularly suggested experts from different AI application areas that might be of interest to them.

Subscription models

Subscription models (Jack, King, Queen)

Ace can be used free of charge as a "Jack" subscription, but only a limited number of projects are possible and it is not possible to perform the capability analysis through the external perception of colleagues and customers.

With the "King" subscription, users can create an unlimited number of projects and perform all three available capability analyses. Furthermore, "ace" can be integrated into teams, Slack & Co. and an infinite number of team projects can be created.

The all-inclusive subscription "Queen" offers all the advantages of the "King" subscription. However, users can use the AI-based "ace assistant" with voice user interface.

Ace WebApp: Overview