Cubicle - Back to the Healing Power of Nature

The Future of New Work and Healthcare Facilities through Biophilic Design.

Jana Gerspach

Luisa Blasizzo

Lukas Böckelmann

Leene Voges

Cubicle - Back to the Healing Power of Nature


Back to the Healing Power of Nature.

2025 - bioenhanced phase

The Cubicle aims to enrich working environments through a combination of olfactory, acoustic and haptic stimulation. These are realised through the use of scents, sounds and panels made from various natural materials such as moss, stone or wood. The resulting multi-sensory experience promotes the well-being of employees and effectively counteracts mental overload.

Picture of the Cubicle with his Functions

A special feature of the Cubicle is its modularity, which allows the Cubicles to be linked together in offices. This creates 3-dimensional sound experiences that create shared experiences and thus promote the work culture. These sounds are based on five carefully developed ecosystems (Irish Coast, Japanese Garden, Austrian Alps, African Serengeti, Brazilian Rainforest), which provide comprehensive olfactory, acoustic and haptic stimulation. Thanks to a configurator, the cubicles can be customised by selecting panels, sounds and fragrances according to personal preferences.


Because New Work needs New Workspaces.

2030 - biosimulant phase

Cubicle Sense Illustration

On 1 February 2024, Apple introduced Spatial Computing with the Apple Vision Pro, which we are building on. Spatial computing and the increase in flexible working hours and workloads are creating new challenges such as increased stress and the need for new cultures of trust.

Cubicle Sense, compatible with common spatial computing glasses, revolutionises the workplace with a full space in which apps are integrated into an immersive experience. Cubicle Sense uses deep learning to record work routines and the circadian rhythm, enabling cognitive stress to be recognised at an early stage and preventative measures to be initiated. A key feature here is the integrated calendar, which adapts the working day to the natural rhythm and current stress level, prioritises tasks, plans breaks and supports optimal meeting scheduling.

The system also supports physical movement and provides natural feedback based on user behaviour. One example of this is a simulated storm that kicks in when it is time for a break to motivate users to interrupt their work.

CubicleSense Environment Change

Cubicle Sense thus creates a new, health-promoting working environment that supports preventive measures for mental health and lays the foundation for a natural and interactive working culture.


Because New Healing needs New Healingspaces.

Cubicle und CubicleSense in the health and care sector

The Cubicle can be further developed into CubicleCare by equipping it with additional panels and functions specifically for the health and care sector, including an emergency button, a projector and infrared panels. These customizations allow the Cubicle to be used in hospitals and care facilities to support healing processes, for example by projecting natural environments and improving indoor air quality. The CubicleCare offers solutions that benefit not only patients but also medical staff, whether during operations or therapeutic measures.

CubicleCare in Healthcare Facilities


The Real Nature Experience.

2035 - biophysical phase

CubicleSpace Picture - created with midjourney.com

We strive to break the boundaries of traditional working environments and move away from monotonous, hierarchically organised offices and the gloomy ambience of medical facilities. Instead, with our "CubicleSpace" we are focussing on strengthening the connection to nature by bringing people back into the real world. These efforts mark the culmination of our transformation of the cubicle concept. In the face of ongoing climate change, which is particularly affecting urban spaces, the development of new construction methods and spatial concepts that combine health and climate protection is essential. Research projects, such as the use of mycelium in construction, aim to support and heal people and nature.

Our aim is to promote a healthier, more sustainable future through our innovations.

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Picture of CubicleSpace - created with midjourney.com
Picture of the Cubicle with his Functions
Cubicle Sense Illustration
CubicleSense Environment Change
CubicleCare in Healthcare Facilities
CubicleSpace Picture - created with midjourney.com
The Cubicle Ecosystems
CubicleSense Calender
CubicleSense X Cubicle
Cubicle - Back to the Healing Power of Nature