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"I found my passion"-Plakatkampagne

The shortage of skilled workers has been affecting our society in various industries for years now. In particular, the hunt for young, highly qualified talents continues to intensify. While the digital transformation is constantly evolving and we have long since arrived in the digital age, the question arises on how the use of the technologies that have emerged can help employers and graduates to connect better with each other in the future. With connect U, we provide an innovative approach that outlines the application process of tomorrow by focusing on the whole person in all of his or her individuality, and thus elevating the process of getting to know each other in the course of recruiting to a completely new, more human level.

Individualism is becoming more and more of a trend in many parts of our everyday lives. This is evident not only in relation to our private lives, but also in relation to our professional lives.

The huge range of highly specific degree programs that high school graduates can now choose from, reflects their increasing desire for individuality that results in diversity. In professional life, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, home office has evolved from the exception to the norm, so there are no longer conventional office-only jobs. This is accompanied by the trend of work-life blending: today, the job you pursue suits you so well, that the lines between work and private life are blurring. We all long for a job that fulfills us. Doing what you love professionally, and, therefore, what doesn't feel like work at all, is the goal. These developments lead to the growing importance of being able to identify with one's employer and the associated corporate culture. After all, the company we work for takes up a considerable part of our lives and therefore also of our personalities.

But how do you find an employer and a job that suits you well enough to meet this newly developed standard of expectation? The application process at least seems to remain completely unaffected by this change: since time immemorial, it has consisted of writing a cover letter and the classic CV accompanied by a photo.

In a world that is becoming more and more digital and connected, and we as humans want to express ourselves increasingly individually in all areas of our lives, is the traditional application process even capable of achieving the level of depth we desire in terms of getting to know our employer?

Target group

Especially for graduates, the process of finding a job as a young professional is a demanding time full of challenges. The young adults, who are still in the midst of their self-discovery, have to leave the familiar environment of the university and find themselves on the vast job market. Psychologically, preparing for as well as beginning such a major new stage of life requires an immense amount of adjustment from them. Dealing with yourself to figure out what and where you actually want to work, and, what is important to you, takes a lot of energy and can seem overwhelming at first. In addition, the very first job search is often fraught with uncertainty and fears, including existential ones. That's why we want to support graduates with connect U by giving them opportunities and security.

connect U is a governmental organization for professional career development and support of young adults. It is primarily an app-based but also a web-based job market that connects graduates with their future employers. The app works on the conventional swiping principle established by dating apps like Tinder, so your personal dream job is just a few swipes away.

The special aspect is that the verified user:s get to know each other completely anonymously during the recruiting process via connect U until the time of the job interview. It therefore works like a sort of blind dating. In this way, the focus is drawn to the essentials: the person behind the application; his or her inner values and professional competencies.

The connect U app is integrated directly into the everyday lives of graduates. The well-known swiping principle creates a playful lightness.


Digital interfaces to existing processes

With the connect U account, it is possible to log in to well-known, established job portals as well as to our partners' internal company recruiting portals, and thus to apply conveniently and quickly for a job vacancy published on those portals.

Company database

The company database contains various data about the participating companies, such as ratings by (former) employees holding various positions. The shared experiences provide users with exciting first-hand insights about potential employers. Through this transparency, a comprehensive and honest picture of the company can be acquired - without a detailed search for all the information on various websites.

Information about individual fields of activity/careers

With connect U, graduates can get a comprehensive idea of various fields of work and careers. In addition to experience reports, there are also FAQ videos provided in which professionals from a wide range of disciplines talk about their work.

Digital impulse lectures

The digital impulse lectures provide a platform for the participating companies on the one hand, and on the other hand, allow graduates to inform themselves about current topics and get to know potential employers with whom they can identify.

Knowledge database

Our knowledge database is a work of reference in which all necessary information concerning the job search can be found. In this way, we would like to offer users a contact point for questions or uncertainties at any time.

Seminars & Workshops

We offer a wide range of digital and analog seminars and workshops. The seminars and workshops cover all topics related to the job application process (e.g., "Getting into a job interview with confidence"), as well as topics related to personal development and self-discovery (e.g., "Finding your vision", "Becoming aware of your strengths and abilities").

Assistance in writing the CV

Our users receive assistance in the creation of their CV. The CV is pre-filled based on the information provided during registration and the user is guided through the process to complete the CV if desired. In addition, we offer a wide range of layouts that can be customized by the users.

Networking & Community

The users of connect U can network with each other using the app/web application. This can be done independently from their employer in order to enable an inspiring exchange outside their own workplace. Networking opportunities include digital meetings such as virtual coffee breaks or lunch dates, but also real appointments with users in the immediate region who are interested in an exchange.


connect U is to be expanded to the entire EU in the long term -- "connect U" becomes "connect EU". We would like to use the potential arising from the lively network to promote subordinately an intercultural exchange and superordinately the social transformation process for a diverse, sustainable and value-creating tomorrow.

In this course, for example, the Europe-wide placement of internships would be integrated into the app, thus expanding the target group from graduates to students. In addition to the expansion of the job portal to the entire EU, the handling of bureaucratic processes related to the internship abroad - such as the visa application - is also to be integrated into the connect U offering.

"I found my passion"-Plakatkampagne