Save the Head - Airbus 3000

Immersive role play to improve the culture of failure in companies.

Emily Jäger

Marius Schnabel

Josh Cornau

Save the Head is an immersive role-playing game for project teams. In the game, participants are taught how to deal with mistakes. Save the Head is aimed at companies with grown structures in which, due to tradition, mistakes are considered to be the result of professional incompetence. We want to convey to the team that mistakes are human and that it makes more sense to learn from them than to punish people for them.

In the workshop format, teams should learn how to discard the existing thought model of error culture. In doing so, they should understand how to deal with errors in the innovation process, no matter what form they take. In doing so, we want the team to learn how to use mistakes to improve themselves and the company, and how to draw further positive lessons from them. Most importantly, the idea of assigning blame should be averted and pointed in the direction of objective and fruitful error evaluation. The game should convey that mistakes are more of a chance than a problem.

Course of the game
Course of the game
Hint Cards
Players are guided through the game using these hint cards
Character List
List of characters that the players act during the game
Hint and observation cards
Hint and observation cards