tvinnster - your digital selves.

A Speculative Future with Personal Digital Twins

Jonas Krüger

Julian Hamdorf

Jessica Worms

"Productivity beyond time and physicality" - Speculative Futures of AI

Let's assume that by 2033, everybody will gain access to a personal digital twin. How will this effect the way we work and interact with each other? Via "tvinnster", we explore this future by creating a tech corporation, that offers a streaming service for digitized personalities.

tvinnster is a fictional tech company that offers groundbreaking services and products based on artificial intelligence. Through highly individual machine learning models, tvinnster is the first company that enables users to digitize their own personality: The so-called tvinns. From now on, the possibilities are endless. No limits in the job market, outsourcing yourself and talking to experts from all over the world are just the tip of the iceberg of benefits that tvinnster offers.

This speculative design project raises questions about how we want to deal with intellectual work in the future and the societal implications associated with the use of digital personalities. We aim to cast a critical eye on both the challenges and opportunities and invite everyone to discuss how ready we are to integrate artificial intelligence into our working life.

Creating your digital selves

In this future, the users begin by uploading their personal data, such as images, videos, voice memos and text messages. The more, the better. This will train the AI model to mimic their personality. They are refining that model over time by wearing the tvinnbuds on a daily basis and uploading the data via their tvinndock. Creating and refining their digital selves has never been easier.

Artefacts of the future

starter bundle – tvinndock & tvinnbud

tvinndock & tvinnbud
This is where the analog and the digital world intersect. The tvinndock is both a charging station for the tvinnbuds and a desktop device for the tvinn owner.

Always present and always listening: tvinnbuds are wearables with built-in microphones that tvinn owners wear in their daily lives to record conversations, behavior, and knowledge about themselves. They make it possible to keep the dataset up to date in order to generate a detailed model of one's own personality.

tvinn owners wearing tvinnbuds

The user interface of the tvinnster.com platform forms the interface between tvinn users and tvinnster's digital services.

After logging in, users will find a homepage with various suggestions based on their interests and usage behavior. If they then open the profile page of a tvinn, they can conveniently jump into a video call with the digital twin without waiting times. The fast-paced working world is omnipresent here: For example, people with a particularly high number of digital instances are honored with badges as "stellar performers".

tvinnster landing page

tvinnster streaming service

tvinnster fresco
Within the fictional scenario as the tvinnster company, we staged an internal conference to present and celebrate the successes of the past year. Under the motto "tvinnster fresco", alluding to the metaphor of humanity's renaissance through the groundbreaking innovation of the company, we presented our concept and the outlook for the future.

tvinnster fresco 2033

Social media feedback
Following the fictional implementation of the tvinnster technology into our society, worldwide reactions emerge - many are enthusiastic, but many are also critical.
To represent how society handles the new technology, we staged artifacts from the future in the form of a social media feed.

exhibition stand 2023

A speculative design study on the futures of AI
tvinn owner with tvinnbuds