Decision Making: An Introduction

A guide to effective decision making in an uncertain environment.

Nursel Kale

Sven Löchner

Decision Making theory book as a theoretical enlightenment on the subject of decision making.

"The world is a messy place, where minor events can have large consequences." — Kahneman

The complexity of the world around us is constantly increasing. In everyday life, we have to make decisions affecting the way we live, while future events cannot be predicted. Making efficient decisions under these conditions means facing uncertainty and making robust choices.

The thesis Decision Making: An Introduction designs a practical approach to decision making in complex situations under uncertainty. Decision makers and teams are provided with a foundational mindset that uses established methodological approaches and reframes them through combination and flexible application.

The focus of the work is on the decision-making process. The goal is to develop a framework for use in organizational decision-making levels, and thereby to transfer the contents of theory into practice. By combining three approaches, Design Thinking, Integrative Thinking and Liberating Structures, the theoretical research of decision science is conveyed through practical methodologies.

The project consists of three parts. The book provides the reader with an introduction to the theory of the subject. Starting from the front, the contents are described in detail and summarize the wide-ranging areas of decision theory and its research findings. Read from the back, the book serves as a compact reference guide to individual topics.The card set assists teams working together in a decision-making workshop. They serve as a source of inspiration and as brief action guides that look at individual aspects of the decision-making process in isolation.The website summarizes theory and practical approaches. It provides quick starters as templates for workshops and brings methods and theory closer to the viewer.
The multimedia concept enables different approaches to the topic and creates a bridge between theory and application.

"To make a sound decision, it is not necessary to have all the facts; but it is necessary to know what information is lacking in order to judge how much of a risk the decision involves." — Peter F. Drucker

Decision-Making Theory Book
The website provides an overview of the entire framework. It contains more detailed descriptions of the method cards, individual templates for widely used problems in decision making, and summaries of important parts of the theory. It can be used independently of the cards and book.
Decision Making book as a theoretical enlightenment on the subject of decision making. It bundles the abstract theory, collects a condensed overview and transforms the scientific topic into an easy to understand subject.
The methods deal with different aspects and needs and help to make decision making efficient and gain a broader view of the problem.