Gesetzte Facetten - laws facets

communication strategy in the context of political decision-making processes

Lisa-Marie Rachwalski

greenC the Think Tank on behalf of the german federal government provides a communication strategy with measures dealing with political decision-making processes.

In handling of challenges and problem solving, public life of citizens is regulated by politics and their actions and interests. Politics strives to make decisions in the interests of the common good. Politicians tackle social problems through their thinking and steer and influence political decisions through their commitment. This requires not only expertise in human action and analytical skills to identify causes and effects, but also perseverance in fighting the political path.
In collaboration, challenges can be taken on in a future-oriented and responsible manner, complex social problems can be worked on and they can be transformed into positive changes.
The importance of communication in dealing with political decision-making processes offers the strategic relevance of the development of a master thesis leading to the question:

The aim of this project is to take up an observed current and a paradigm shift in order to create possibilities in dealing with fixed political decision-making processes that affect every citizen.
(Due to the documentation is written in german language, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime, if you are english speaking and interested in the project)

Gesetzte Facetten - laws facets: watch the trailer of the Think Tank greenC now on YouTube!
greenC has defined 6 fields of action (communication, health, purity, safety, sales regulations, legal framework) for the political government in in dealing with the legalization of cannabis. Fields of action in an implementation process that provide a framework for current and future actions in terms of topic, content and time. The field of action of the implementation process is made clear by the measures within the communication strategy. From 2022 to 2029 the national program for the future defines when which measures are to be implemented in a timetable consisting of four phases.
The greenC home page provides all the information to inform visitors about the work of greenC and acts as a central digital touch point. Regardless of whether people already know greenC or have heard of it for the first time and would like to know more. Both digitally linked in the Instagram or Twitter profile, as well as by scanning the QR code on advertising and information surfaces, the links lead to the home page. The dissemination of information and the handling of visual and textual elements is kept on all media formats similar and thus creates automatically remarkable visuality for viewers.
The section Blog provides information on the fields of communication, health, cleanliness, safety, sales requirements and legal framework are published in the blog. From the Blog overview, viewers can click on the corresponding posts to access the respective sub-pages and posts on the social media channels. The communication and presence in social media is the access to a young and digitally affine target group, which are potential consumers and on the one hand have to be informed and on the other hand have to be made familiar with the rules applicable in Germany.
One of the measures of the greenC communication strategy are poster placed in public places with the possibility for citizen to interact with digitally through scanning the QR code on every poster.
Measures to regulate the sales requirements of licensed specialist shops and provide laws in behavior for companies and consumers.
These are samples of product packaging and labeling concepts according to the legal regulations. The templates provide a framework which informations must be labeled on products sold on the german legal market.
greenC the Think Tank on behalf of the german federal government provides a communication strategy with measures dealing with political decision-making processes.