Strategy for maintaining corporate culture in the face of mobile work

Michelle Bauch

Xinyi Wang

Key visual of Ina

Re-experience your business together.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic many workplaces were outsourced to the home office. The primary aim of this measure was to keep the number of infections down. During this time many employees increasingly lost touch with the company and communication with colleagues became difficult. Despite some barriers, many employees and employers are in favor of the continued existence of home offices in form of hybrid work.

Based on this point of view, this thesis deals with the question of how the working environment will develop as a result of the pandemic and which factors will be relevant in the futures home office. With the focus on mobile work we would like to improve communication between the employees of a company in particular, as well as strengthen and maintain the corporate culture.

Ina - your smart assistance system

Ina is an artificial intelligence that takes over small coordinative tasks in everyday work, improves communications and agreements within the company and helps to maintain the corporate culture. By preserving traditional corporate cultures of presence and digital innovations, Ina bridges these two worlds to create a sustainable employee experience.

In our case, three factors play an important role in a good employee experience. Meeting places, whether analog or digital, give employees a safe retreat where they can network and share ideas with other people. Technology, in our case the digital assistant, serves as a bridge that is built to the company and allows for communication and interaction even while working on the go. The corporate culture as an overall construct enables people to identify with the company and build a bond. This is achieved through various factors such as the internal and public image or the employee benefits. In addition, a good corporate culture increases the sense of unity and appreciation.

Key visual of Ina
Example of the content of an onboarding box
Workplace setup with Ina
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Ina co-working space
How Ina connects the company