Emotion-Based Web Browser

Mike Lehmann

Seda Hancer

Motico is a critical design project that investigates the impact of a web browser that filters content based on the user's emotions.

The product works by combining two evaluations. The first evaluation works via the webcam, which reads the current emotion of the user's face at any given time. The second evaluation checks web content using a sentiment analysis and assigns a value to it. Based on these two pieces of information, motico can then assign web content to an emotion and show or hide it.

The consequences

While working on the project, we regularly encountered various problems that an emotion-based web browser can bring. With this work we want to provide a basis for future discussions on similar topics. Clearly, if a product that hides content based on our emotions is successful in the long term, the experience of the internet will change significantly, not only for private users but also for content creators. The project also aims to help readers not only deal with the use of such a product, but also to increase their reflection on their own emotions while using the internet.

The default motico start screen.
Motico shows user emotions and suggests actions based on those emotions
Motico works on many different types of websites
Extensive settings allow individual optimisation of the product
Possible reporting on motico in the future