viltr. – vision beyond reality

Melanie Rieß

Marina Rost

Sina Schulz

Viltr. is a speculative design project that explores the idea of personalized vision. A potential future is outlined in which people are able to individually enhance their vision and adapt it to their needs and preferences through the use of various visual filters. The same named fictitious company and the visualization of the corresponding range of products and services make the scenario tangible and discussable.

What if we only saw what we wanted to see? What if we looked at the world through visual filters? And what if everyone could do that - everywhere and anytime?

viltr. – product portfolio
viltr.shop – website overview
viltr.lenses (Bildquelle Unsplash: Taylor; modifiziert | URL: https://unsplash.com/photos/nhIbH2OwB7M)
viltr. – vision beyond reality